Integrative Bioinformatics group

Our group is dedicated to research novel means of combining heterogeneous data and knowledge sources into more comprehensive, biologically-relevant, models. We are submerged by the amount of data produced by various technologies and new ways of investigation are developed every day. The rate at which new data is produced surpassed our processing and analysis power and there is no indication that this trend will be reversed soon. Therefore we need new means of harvesting the enormous amount of information available, in the hope that qualitative advancements will result.

The main research axes are:

  • integration of multi-modal data sources
  • biomedical image analysis in the context of molecular data
  • development of classifiers for gene-based predictive and prognostic signatures

We apply these methods to the analysis of data in oncology, mainly in breast and colorectal cancer, where we develop risk scores and treatment-response predictors.

NEW! Open position in computational pathology - details here.