Research projects

Our mission is to convert data into knowledge and for this we use a variety of techniques and approaches. We specialize in integrating multiple data sources when trying to elucidate various biology-related problems - with a special focus on oncology research. In oncology for example, most of the clinical trials amass a large collection of heterogeneous data - from clinical, survival and pathology to molecular, genetic and imaging - which needs to be mined in a integrated way, if one is to fully exploit the complementarities and redundancies of various technologies. This is the field in which most of our research projects are placed, and the current emphasis is on combining and jointly exploiting histopathology images and molecular data.

Currently ongoing projects

  1. Computational framework for joint analysis of histopathology images and gene expression data
    Project ID: HIGEX - 4SGA8736
    Funding: SoMoPro II Programme: co-financed by People Programme (Marie Curie action) of the EU FP7 Programme and the South Moravian Region
  2. MErCuRIC - A phase Ib/II study of MEK1/2 inhibitor PD-0325901 with cMET inhibitor PF-02341066 in KRASMT and KRASWT (with aberrant c-MET) colorectal cancer
    Project ID: 602901
    Funding: EU FP7

Completed projects

  1. Integrative development of a multimodal score for risk of relapse estimation of breast cancer patients 
    Project ID: IGA NT/14134
    Funding: Ministery of Health of Czech Republic